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3605 W. Pacific Avenue,  Burbank, CA 91505                                   for review and breakdown.

Phone: 818-953-7494

Fax:     818-953-7113

General Inquiries:



Key Contacts:

Mark Mills, President

Mark is also the initial point of contact for new client inquiries and feature film projects.

Phone Ext.: 403 (after hours)

E-Mail:  MarkMills.MPM@sbcglobal.net


Tony Wilson, Vice President

Tony is responsible for all marketing/strategic activities of the company as they relate to client objectives; studio relations; and Motion Picture Magic itself.  He is the initial point of contact for requests for sponsorships or fee-based integrations.

Tony Wilson is also the Acting Manager of Asia/Pacific Client and Studio Services.

Phone Ext.: 401 (after hours)

E-Mail:  TonyWilson.MPM@sbcglobal.net


Carlos Garcia, Operations Manager

Carlos can also be contacted for assistance by productions for television specials, pilots & TV series.

Phone Ext.: 402 (after hours)

E-Mail:  Carlos.MPM@sbcglobal.net


Tony Paul, Manager of European Client and Studio Services

Phone Ext.: 405 (after hours)

E-Mail:  TonyPaul.MPM@sbcglobal.net

Mr. Paul has resources that communicate in Spanish, Dutch and German.  In addition, Motion Picture Magic works with a strategic partner that services most of Europe.


Other Staff  (Not Listed Above)

If you are working with, or would like to contact in-house or field staff who are not listed above, simply call our main phone number at 818-953-7494 and ask for the person by name.